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With a crisp overhang that takes advantage of the full width of the island, and complimentary stool nook on the internal side to aid conversation, it is a setting that can move easily from preparation to plating and presentation.  Likewise, Anouk knew that she wanted to spend time cooking with friends and family sitting at the Island chatting – she wanted to be able to easily sit and socialise whilst tending to her tasks.   The previous Kitchen layout isolated cook from company, which was something Anouk was keen to change.

 As a layout, the service free Island compliments the perimeter bench which holds the key appliances; sink, cooktop and dishwasher.  With a set of appliances that had surely done their duty, Anouk and David chose to invest in premium appliance brand VZUG, for the centrepiece kitchen requirements of cooktop, dishwasher, oven and steam combi.  VZUG is a Swiss brand long established as a leader in appliances designed with a conscience for environmental protection, achieved by their reduction in energy and water consumption, and prioritising longevity of product lifespan.  On an average, every household in Switzerland owns at least one VZUG appliance.  As Switzerland’s only appliance design manufacturer, this very tangible influence on their local environment set their strategy, that not only encompasses their manufacturing plant and processes, but most importantly prioritises the efficiency of their products in people’s homes.

 Appliance choice and placement is the starting point of our design process.  At Cantilever, we design with work zones in mind.  We find most families are looking for a design that compliments socialisation, whilst catering high-traffic familial routines or communal cooking sessions.  We look to clusters, and pairing of complimentary storage or functional activity, such as the Fridge and pantry which are zoned together for ease of access to food storage.  Designing by zones allows the consideration of multiple bodies in the space, attending to different functions.  As an example, in the Block element we have paired the oven, which is a ‘low-touch’ appliance, with a fridge, which is a high-touch one.   We try to avoid pairing multiple high touch appliances next to each other, as this increases congestion, such as a fridge and a kettle per se. And what a lovely kettle!  Recognisable for it’s singing bird, and manufactured by Alessi in design collaboration with Michael Graves, since 1985.

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