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Having now lived in the apartment for 18 months Vivian can reflect on some learnings from the experience. The family renovated prior to moving in, which meant that there were things about the property that they didn’t know, like how cold it would be living in the sky! 

Orientation has direct influence over the temperature of every home, and it is difficult to get it perfect. Andre also pointed out that ‘apartments rely heavily on air conditioning and heating for temperature control, so you really need to get it right’. In this apartment, the primary windows are east and south facing, which creates lovely cool summers, but even cooler winters.  Vivian reflects that had he realized, he would have invested more into the insulation work completed during the renovation.

‘When it comes to meeting building codes, apartment blocks are assessed as a total volume, the accumulative effect of the various apartments and communal spaces together.  This can impact negatively on an individual apartments’ thermal performance’. 

The overwhelming message from both Vivian and Andre is that when tackling an apartment renovation, meticulous planning and project management are crucial, but also a flexible mindset to overcome unforeseen issues. Creating an apartment that doubles as your family home has allowed Vivian and Anna to enjoy the best of both worlds, successfully creating a comfortable, family home, through clever and considered use of a small space. The layout and design work cohesively to ensure the outlook remains the hero, ‘the view is super important, and we don’t ever get over it’.

Instead of spending their weekends doing home maintenance projects or mowing lawns, they now have everything at their doorstep to enjoy, the time to do it, and an inviting space to retreat to afterwards.

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